Lateral Induction Boom

Clean-up efforts employing current boom systems are often plagued with difficulties caused by ineffective methods for recovering pollutants and algae blooms. A common issue is the breaching of containment booms, which spoils the clean-up effort.

We have developed a more productive boom system that, while containing an area, draws water into itself and towards a separation processor for many different types of containments.

Emergency Deployment
Long Term Maintenance

The EEL System is a patented combination of lateral induction boom equipment and high power pump processes that will assist pollution clean-up efforts anywhere in the world.

The primary purpose of the EEL lateral induction boom, which is capable of covering large areas, is to extract oil/water mixtures, algae blooms and many other containments into in-line separation systems, boats, bladders or land-based holding tanks.

The EEL system not only has an immediate impact on current clean-up efforts, but also demonstrates exciting potential for long-term maintenance applications.

Future spill response plans should consider the EEL for emergency efforts, ongoing maintenance, and containment efforts in a variety of settings including harbors,
marinas, and oil platforms.

The environmental consequences of pollution episodes are especially severe when they happen near the shore, in shallow waters, or in areas with slow water circulation.

Industrial Waste

Factories and facilities all over the world are still releasing pollutants into oceans and waterways, endangering the Earth’s ecosystem on a daily basis. These include:

  • Discharges of untreated or insufficiently treated municipal sewage storm water (urban runoff)
  • Discharges into rivers
  • Discharges of untreated or insufficiently treated wastewater from coastal industries
  • Accidental or operational discharges of oil from coastal refineries, oil storage facilities, oil terminals, and reception facilities
  • Emissions of other liquid hydrocarbons from oil-handling onshore

Polluted Harbors Bays and Beaches

Many countries and municipalities have embarrassing pollution problems in harbors, bays, waterways, river mouths, and jetties.

The EEL system will be a welcome solution to polluted water due to oil spills, sewage, and algae blooms.

Oil Spills and Micro-Pollution

The EEL system offers a new solution to oil spills and marine oil recovery that will revolutionize large scale hazard clean-up and reclamation. This system has also been designed as a solution to oil platform maintenance and the offshore drilling issue that is increasingly gaining notoriety.