Currently the only system
available that has the ability to capture subsurface pollutants.


The E.E.L. system is not only the most universal pollution extraction technology of its kind, but also has also proven to be among the world’s top performers in both recovery rates and efficiency. Prior to the development of the E.E.L., the industry had not seen significant changes in oil spill methods and technologies for over 30 years.


A critical component of spill remediation is adaptability to different situations and environments. The E.E.L. demonstrates its universal approach to remediation by addressing many different kinds of spills.


Spills may run into the billions of dollars, making time a critical factor both financially and environmentally. Current technologies are not rapidly available and ready to deploy in the event of a spill.



Vor-Tek Marine Technologies is an environmental technology development company founded for the purpose of creating groundbreaking environmental innovation for a cleaner planet. Vor-Tek embodies the passion and determination of individuals from different backgrounds with the mutual goals of effectively cleaning our marine environment while providing sustainable clean-up solutions for the world’s harbors, marinas, rivers, and waterways.

The Emergency Extraction Line (E.E.L.) is a patented technology that is the first reliable and scalable solution for maritime oil and waste cleanup at variable depths. The primary purpose of the E.E.L. system, which is capable of surrounding large areas of open ocean spill, is to extract pollutants/water mixtures into boats or barges for further separation. It functions not only as a containment boom/barrier, but also as an effective integrated extraction line capable of removing many types of contaminants from water.

The E.E.L. system has both an immediate impact on current clean-up efforts and the potential for long-term maintenance applications. The E.E.L. system’s volume efficiency and seed of collection takes surface and subsurface oil recovery to the next level. Our system exemplifies the next stage in the evolution of oil spill response. Vor-Tek Marine Technologies is the perfect partner for all firms involved in off-shore drilling, shoreline operations, shipping lines, government agencies and clean up service providers.

Vor-Tek is expecting to become the leader in water pollutant recovery and elimination. Our E.E.L. system can recover surface and sub-surface pollutants in an unparalleled range of applications including oil spills, algae blooms, plastic mitigation, and agricultural runoffs.

Partnering with Predator Renewable Energy and their mobile electron beam water treatment plant, recovered pollutants can be destroyed or separated. Clean water is returned to our ecosystem and can continue to help sustain our communities. We can:

  • Remove organic impurities with radiation chemical reactions
  • Remove colors by destruction of double bonds
  • Remove odors with radiation chemical reactions
  • Disinfect microorganisms by destruction of DNA
  • Destroy endocrine disrupters with radical reactions
  • Recycle for irrigation, impoundment and individual uses

The E.E.L. system was proven and validated at the OHMSETT facility in July 2011 as one of the leading technologies in its field for volume and recovery efficiency. Our performance was groundbreaking and set new standards for oil spill remediation by more than tripling the current recovery and efficiency rates.